Buying a new home!

29 Oct

Buying a new home can be the most stressful time in your life and I have no idea how people did it before the internet existed. I have spent the past 25 years living in Bromley, first in Bromley South then buying a flat in Bromley North. The decision to start a family has meant our one bedroom flat is no longer suitable so its a house we need. Bromley is an area I would love to stay in however we cannot afford the type of house we want in this area.

Off road parking, 3 double bedrooms, garden, toilet both up and downstairs, dining room and anything extra would be a bonus. For this in Bromley we were looking at around half a million to get something that was not a tiny terraced thing that was neither pretty nor practical.

The hunt began!

The internet is a great resource to find info about new areas but always drive around any areas you consider first! They can have a very different feel in person. I have no idea of areas outside of Bromley so our search started off on a brilliant resource that let us know areas with trains that went to London and how long the journey is. Next was and their draw a map feature is great for leaving out areas that you don’t want or know are out of budget.

Off we went on a Saturday morning to Coxheath and Larkfield. Expect to see some sights when house hunting! We saw a house that had over 6 dogs in it, many many cats and in one bedroom there was a dog in a dress…we didn’t buy that house. A new development in Larkfield was also not for us having a nightmare parking area.

Week 2 and a new area. We found a lovely house and put our offer in. The estate agents had told the couple to expect more and they rejected our offer. We left it there as the house was over valued and we would not go higher. Do not be pressured to enter a bidding war by the estate agents, there will be other houses out there!

A weekend off as seeing 5 houses in a day is knackering with all the phone calls you have to make to arrange viewings and schedule the time.

Off to Godstone and a big no there after seeing the burnt out car down the road we were viewing on.

One more try and we headed to Crowborough. Bingo! Lovely area, house was perfect and had more than we wanted. Offer there and then with the acceptance at 6pm that night. Do not believe at this stage that the sale will take 4 weeks. It will take longer. If you are chain free then it should be a simple sale so sit back, relax and dream of how you will decorate your new home! I know that’s what I am doing.

A website I liked to ignore when searching was if you go by them then you will have to move out of England. is a great resource for finding train season ticket prices when weighing up what area to choose if it is a choice between cheap housing and expensive travel, or expensive housing and cheap travel.



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