The waiting game

14 Nov

After finding a buyer for our flat, finding a new house that accepted our offer I though that the next process should be a quick one. So very wrong.

Applying for a mortgage you can either do the hard work yourself and scout out banks for the best deals and then meet with them and fill in all the forms and provide all the information needed. I took the route of a financial advisor, mainly as that is what my Husband does. Pretend he isn’t my husband though and he did all the paperwork organising for me, sent me all the documents with handy tabs on them telling me where to sign and date and what parts I needed to read. Then, when we had some problems with the mortgage being rejected (some issue with a retainer put on the house pushing us a tiny bit over the 90% barrier) and he was the one to chase the bank over three days finding out what the issue was – stress that would have been all mine had I done this myself.

A few more days of waiting and signing some more papers and finally! We got the text to say the application was granted. I have a house now right? Nope.

Now begins the waiting again. The management company of our flat is still refusing to cooperate and as this is an unregulated industry there is nothing we can really do about this besides calling and emailing each day whilst the solicitors on both sides do the same in the hopes they get fed up with us and do it to be rid of us.

Whilst that is happening there will be land searches on our purchase property that the solicitor will organise (yep more money going out).

Every step gets you closer it is just a game of chasing when you can and waiting when you can do no more chasing. In the meantime I already have the dining room decorated in my head and am onto our future childs bedroom!


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