21 Nov

Tis the season for turkey, potatoes, roast parsnips and tonnes of chocolate and bacon wrapped sausages. It’s also the season for Christmas Cards. I love a good christmas card so still send them to friends and family but this year I am excited about Christmas cards for a whole other reason!

For a while I have been working on my illustrations, learning new skills, practicing when I am not working or traveling to work, and saving for Photoshop so I can upgrade from just using sketchbook pro. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a handy system for getting ideas down in sketch form but is not great for colouring or getting textures into an image thus all my illustrations so far are frustratingly flat.

I have this year managed to get a Company to use one of my designs on their corporate Christmas cards! This card will go out to over 800 clients of theirs with my details neatly printed inside. This is exciting as it is my first official job as an illustrator and who knows, maybe I might get a few more requests following the mail out! All this at a time when I am trying to sell and buy a house is my appreciated showing my I am not wasting my time and who knows, maybe I wont be an administrator forever!ImageImage

Watch this space!


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