New Year, New Home and New Drawings!

2 Jan

As we enter 2013 I am still living with the in-laws awaiting our new house on 7th January so its counting down the days until I have my freedom back! It has only been for a few weeks but I already miss so many things about living in our own flat just the two of us!

1. Cooking our own meals. It is nice having dinner cooked for us but I do miss cooking my own dinner and not having to make polite conversation over the dinner table.

2. sleeping in my own bed. By god I miss my big old bed and hope the mattress remembers me and doesn’t mind when I invariably loose a screw when putting the frame back together again!

3. Being able to sit on the sofa at night and draw. I didn’thow much I missed drawing and with all my stuff in storage was going a little mad. I bought puzzle magazines but fed up with them when I couldn’t do any more of the puzzles. So I shall be glad when I can set up my stuff in the new house and draw whenever the moment strikes.


As for new drawings I have been developing ideas for how I wish to decorate the new house and so far have a plan for the living and dining room. As for the rest of the house I cant actually remember what the rooms look like so they will have to wait until we are all moved in.

Until that time, enjoy the only drawing I have managed to do over the Christmas period of a Grumpy Eddard Stark and when I have stuff back I shall be doing him in a watercolour as well I think.

I love his grumpy little face! Image


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