DIY and getting men in

22 Jan

It’s hard to believe we have only been in our new house just under two weeks and already seeing the huge change to everything considering we are working during the week and have only had one weekend of being at home (which was wasted due to being snowed in at exactly the time another trip to B&Q was needed!)

We are minus one stud partition wall which I wanted to take down myself but the other half seems to say no and not let me do alot of the jobs that I know I can do myself preferring to “get a man in” to do it. I am against this due to the cost factor, trying to do as much of the work myself. This was proven when the man we got in did half a job, knocked a hole in the ceiling, didn’t “make good” the wall he knocked down all of which I have had to finish off and  make good myself.

The idea was to do the work together but after one day of him stopping every 5 mins to have a check of his phone, make himself a coffee or tea or just sit there staring into space I am at the realisation that the driving force to most jobs will be me.

So bring on the trip this weekend to a lumber yard to source our wooden flooring! 

Checklist of jobs:

Remove all wall paper – DONE

Purchase and lay wooden floor

re-plaster ceiling

replace fireplace and surround

remove wall lights and fit new ceiling lights

Build new dining table

shorten coffee table



So whilst a weekend of snow stopped me doing house work I instead filled my time drawing True Blood pictures 😀 



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