Routine is Key!

21 Mar

I have now been in my new house for just over 2 months now and am only just getting back into the swing of a normal life! My credit card after a hard pounding is beginning to recover from the shock of being so high. There are a lot of DIY jobs still on the go becasue I never work on one job at a time…My lack of concentration even shocks me sometimes…ooo snow!

I have half a fireplace tiled, waiting on the last 1/4 of the walls to be painted, waiting on a trip to B&Q (only after they sent me a voucher as good will for a total fuck up on their behalf with paint mixing which wasted me two 40 min journeys and over an hour in store) – Note: it is worth complaining if you have been treated badly but also when you do experience excellent customer service, take the time to send those people a nice message to know that their help was appreciated….it can really make someones day as its easy to complain and people often forget the people who help.

I also have half a floor laid and stained with the rest needing finishing but I need a free weekend as I wont work after 6pm due to two children in the house next door.

I have a dining table half completed in the garage awaiting a trip to Ikea to buy a specific set of metal legs that I want. And on top of all that we have just rescused a kitteh from the RSPCA ( Sparky as he was known but also lovingly now known as Sparticus for his love of attacking everything (but ever so gently) who will need to have a cat flap fitted into the kitchen door which I will be doing on my first week off from work this year.

However much all of the above sounds (not even going into the broken boiler pump that needs to be looked at) I am finally into some sort of routine again managing to do the day job and come home to have a good draw on the sofa. My kindle also got steped on (sad face!) and whilst I save up some pennies from somewhere I now use my hour train journey to do some sketches (much to the snooping of fellow train commuters).

So Yay to Routine as that is key to knowing what the hell I am supposed to be doing and so a quick evening sketch of The Joker and HQ dancing whilst the husband was at the pub. Image 


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