Cats don’t like change

30 Mar

In the great on going house work job I have finally finished laying and varnishing my living/dining room floor! This has been the main body of my week off of work due to rubbish weather meaning the planned long walks were put off. 

Because the floor is now down I have been able to move the sofas into their new home around the fireplace. All this moving of furniture has thrown the new cat into a world of confusion and new smells as he tries to get his little furry head around why everything is different. It also means there are new wires that he has discovered can be chewed on. Bad kitteh. 

This week has also been a good chance to pop up a load of new drawings onto ebay to try and work on getting more money for a new kindle which is forever being put back – this month due to an outrageously high O2 bill as they kindly didnt send me a text or email to say my limit was close to excess despite all their other texts advertising fatty foods and cheap clothes manage to get through every time. So yes new kindle is now behind “pay off phone bill”.

But it has been fun doing lots of new drawings of which a few are now displayed in their full glory! 

Bexon-white on ebay if interested in any 🙂



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