Is ebay right for me?

4 Apr

As a way to always work on my drawing skills and styles and so whilst watching TV I like to create small A5 images of varying subjects. After a while these build up and I put them on ebay as a 99p or less price with a clear picture to show quality and a full detail of the paper thickness and inks. This price I feel is very cheap for original items but I don’t mind as the point of them is not to make money but to more get my name around a bit and find homes for these one-off pieces that would otherwise stay in my art room.

In all the time I have been doing this I have had very happy buyers who buy multiple items and are happy to get something for that price out of these I have also gained commissions for specific works which then go for a more reasonable price.

I have today had my first message from someone questioning if I have actually drawn the image and not just inked over a photocopy as they are disappointed with the quality. I wonder if I am wrong in thinking this person is expecting a Mona Lisa for 99p. The photo on the listing shows the quality and where the ink in some places may be more faded due to the paper absorbing more, that is the overall look of the final piece and they look good when displayed properly.

This leads me onto wondering Is Ebay Right for Me?

I have a shop on Etsy which is in the wings for properly produced final pieces that I would never be happy to part with for 99p as that would just add to the flames that pertain to the idea that “illustration, art and any other drawing skills” are worthless and should only be paid a small amount not taking into account skill, time, materials and creativity.

Ebay is chock full of crap, people posting pictures their kid did and they just add “if you buy this a dog wont die and a dolphin will smile” or other such stuff and these sell! When looking through other items on there, even the really great looking pieces go for stupid amounts like £10 for a framed original. Some people do become established on ebay as art sellers but even they have pieces that do not go for much more than what would cover costs and materials whilst putting no value on the time taken.

This leaves me to wonder is it worth the hassle of posting my 99p items? And is it doing more damage to peoples ideas of what to expect from originals than not.

Whilst I continue to draw infront of the tv and have happy buyers I guess I will still keep posting them up until I find a more suitable location, possibly as a sub page when I get round to creating a website specific to my art as originals that were used for ideas, development and just because moments in my life. Going forward I will try and deal with the one unhappy person whilst I pop to the post office to send the 5 other items that another buyer has happily bought following previous successful purchases.



One Response to “Is ebay right for me?”

  1. Sofiasay April 4, 2013 at 1:11 pm #

    you should consider society6 and fineartamerica . they may take a proportion but you can gain an audience too there:)

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