Life in the country and its influences

10 Apr

For the first 25 years of my life I have always lived in Bromley, Kent. This was as far into the “country” as I ever really knew and that if you got the bus to Hayes 10 – 15 mins away then you were truly in tractor country, there was even a farm to go strawberry picking! 

Recently we have moved to “the country”, but more a commuter town in the name of Crowborough. This new area is lovely with trees and everything which has inevitably influenced my drawing with seeing herds of deer as our train rushes past field after field until Croydon. I have even gone so far as to make my own stag head mirror which is hung above our fireplace bringing the influence of nature indoors. 



I love my mirror but the influences wont stop there as I aim to have a nice log pile on sho and some sort of work hung behind the sofa featuring trees and the likes. 

I also find myself drawing a few more stags and after watching The Walking Dead wondered why the virus or whatever has caused the whole mess to start hasn’t yet transferred to animals, it only has to be a matter of time. So the conception of Zombambi was born! Image

now on etsy

Lets see what else will come out of this country living influence shall we as I move onto the hunt for some cushion cover fabric! 


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