Bored games no more!

16 Apr


Growing up I remember the only board game I played as a family was Monopoly. This in itself was played rarely what with us not being a really sit down and eat dinner family. I would play it at friends’ houses and on New Year’s Eve as the only game that would entertain till gone midnight. Never did I imagine the wealth of board games out there. Like books they have different genres, lengths and skill levels.

A few years later and enter Cranium and A game of Life. Again, two games that are your average family entertainment game that offers 30 mins of play then onto something else. I recently went to my first “pub game day” organised by a group of friends to get everyone together. My the amount of board games that came out for that day astounded me. I never knew the board game industry was so diverse offering such games as Talisman, Munchkin, Flux, Killer Bunnies and the list just went on and on!

An afternoon was whiled away drinking Belgian fruit beers (note London needs more pubs selling these!) and playing games with friends. This pub episode has led me to want to know more about what is out there for board games. Top on the list, I have just purchased Talisman, having started a 6 person game but never getting to end it as the 7 year old playing with us was ready for bed and asking lots of questions about ghosts, zombies and all things macabre, so perhaps the age rating is not just because the game involves a lot of reading of cards.

I love this website for finding out opinions on games, what they entail and whether they are good. I think my next purchase may just be Arkham Horror.

However with my siblings coming to stay soon I may just have to invest in King Of Tokyo, a board game by Iello games which sees you set up as one of several monsters with the aim of playing to win either by nicely playing and gaining victory points up to 20, or you can go on a rampage and aim to kill off all your opponents! This dice based game can be over quickly however with the right setting and good dice rolls you can see a stand off to the death! Also with this game if you have the imagination and inclination to do so, you needn’t stick with the provided cardboard characters but could make up your own characters and point boards, think back to school days of using those little metal clips to create spinners, add some cardboard and your set! 

I shall take my new Talisman game for now and spend a few nights playing that for a change to the tv and do some more research into the world of games and see where it takes me next.


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