Burgers, a film and DIY

29 Apr

This weekend has been a long one! With little sun to draw me outside I decided to do some chores indoors.

1. I was challenged by a friend that Brioche Burger Buns were very hard to make…Challenge accepted and after a successful trial this weekend he will be getting a batch of homemade buns to call his own. They were surprisingly easier, just taking time for the yeast to work its magic and 10 mins of slapping dough onto a counter top resulting in a very good arm work out and a delicious burger bun.

How it stood up:

THe buns themselves are light and cut well so that when placed under the grill with some cheese on htey crisped up to the right level of tosted. Two burgers were made – one with emmental cheese, garlic mayo, avacado, flat cajun mushroom, lettuce and onion rings. This one really tested the construction of the bun as the mushroom was very watery and dripped however not once did the bun fall apart even till the final bite! Very happy.

The second was also emmental cheese, beef burger, onion relish and some other things that I stopped paying attention to as my husband made this one and I was busy already tucking into mine! However with the huge amount of relish and juicy meat his also refused to fall apart making them a total success!


2. Iron man 3!

The evening saw us hitting Tunbridge wells Odeon for Iron Man 3 which I was very excited about. O2 moments provided us with a free large popcorn and I booked online so didnt have to que for tickets. The cinema itself was very clean, new and a great change from my old one at Bromley!

The film really was going back to the fun, charm and all round epicness that was Iron Man 1. Downey Jr and friends were all on top form to create a stunning film where the graphics team have worked very hard as the Iron men suits are just amazing! If you are also a massive film fan then make sure you stay till after all of the credits for the extra snippet awaiting you.

3. DIY. and there was alot of it! Fireplace has been tiled, curtains have been hung, skirting board has been stained, and two benches have been sanded and painted black with glitter. They are our glamour benches for the dining table which sound like they could be trashy but look amazing next to a light blue wash table with silver legs. They were hard work sanding down but worth it as they no longer look like they cost me £25 for the pair of them.ImageBefore



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