It looked sew simple

24 Jun

I decided a few weeks ago that with John Lewis having a sale on their mini sewing machine in a charming purple and yellow colour I would indulge and make sewing my next thing to learn.

The purple machine was sold out so I have Arriva bus blue and green but that has not put me off!

A few more weeks passed where I only had the machine and no fabric what with living in the middle of nowhere and working in London. I still have the mission to trudge into town when I have a free Saturday to find a fabric market but until then I will stick to the shop I found in Tunbridge wells – I only discovered this shop after buying a board game in a charity shop and being given a 70th Birthday bag. The woman then pointed me to the fabric shop that was only a few doors down. 

I headed straight upstairs to the more clothes based fabrics and had a good look around, being tempted by the many remnants on sale but finally settled for a skull and rose fabric that I thought would look great on a dress!


Then it was to the pattern corner. I have never looked at a dress patten before so just went for the first dress I could find that I knew would suit my style paying no attention to difficulty or skills needed. 

The best course at this point was to ask the lady serving for help. She then helped me pick out all the fabric I needed, zip, hook and eyes, and lining and also laughed at my bag as that weekend was their 80th Birthday so I had a 10 year old bag.

Back home I went with all the good intentions of being patient and not cutting anything first off…and for once I listened to those intentions! I made a baking paper version of the pattern and stuck all my pieces down – It later was worth doing this as I made a few whoopsies but not unfixable ones!


The task was made that much harder as I had a very helpful helper helping me, but I now know that my bodice is 1.45 cat furlongs long not including tail.

I made the top part without too much hassle – only one mistake with the ribbon as I didnt know what “cut on fold” meant so was no wonder the waist didn’t fit! Second cut round it did. phew.



From there I moved onto the skirt which I just pinned all the pleats into place as I was too impatient and wanted to see if the dress fitted or not. That was a time wasting point as I now have to go back and put all the pleats back in and stitch them to hold them. Pins do not work with that much material weight. Image

The dress doesn’t quite do up at the back so I need to go back and do something with that but for my first ever sewing project after my year 2 school badger I made (it was a great badger!) I don’t think it is going too badly but I don’t think that I am getting on with patterns very well! 

An update will be made when finalised!

The other thing I learnt from this is to learn how to read pattern packages. The lady who helped me was lovely and very helpful however I did end up being given almost 7 meters of fabric…I did not need anywhere near that much even with my mistakes. But hey, can make some other things.




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