Sketches and commissions

5 Aug

This past weekend I managed to get some time to be able to do some new drawings and sketches on top of entertaining two work collegiues for a light lunch of pad thai and a delicious pineapple tart tatin, coconut sorbet and a chilli caramel shard. 

After recently watching Despicable Me, yes only just now! I didn’t know what I had been missing. I decided to first try and do a picture in a hellboy style. Although the final finished piece is not quite what I expected, I still love how it turned out and it sold instantly when I placed a photo on facebook.Image

Once that was received the lady liked it so much she requested a further commission of Valentino Rossi the motorcycle racer. It was a different style but again a few days work had a nice piece that she was happy with for her husband. 

ImageFollowing on from that image, I remembered about a swap I had joined on swap-bot which I had forgotten about to do a powerpuff girls piece. I saw the person it was to go to liked The Walking Dead and I couldn’t say no to that opportunity! A few sketches later and an almost dropped pot of ink onto the sofa I had the image I wanted.



That leads me onto the last drawing of my weekend. I saw a t-shirt on that had minions stealing the tardis. My husbands first reaction was “OMG draw me Dr Gru” and so I sketched. And sketched. Eventually I have a picture I am happy with…I was careful not to go overboard on minions or trying to have all the characters involved. This was again placed on facebook and waited 5 minutes before another commission was made to complete the piece for his girlfriends birthday present.



I really am very excited to have so many commissions coming in for pieces that I am genuinely excited to be completing and loving putting my all into the final pieces! 

Watch this space for the finalised Dr Gru by the end of the weekend!

If you have any mash up ideas then please do drop me a line and I will draw up a sketch to get the imagination firing on all pistons and see how many fun combinations can be produced! Think Sam and Dean working with Sherlock Holmes! 



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