Lesson Learnt – Don’t be too lazy for the post office

13 Aug

I have had a painful weekend of having to redo three commissions because I was too lazy to go to the post office to get any proof of postage etc from them for my work. This was a painful lesson to learn as after you have done a piece you really don’t fancy redoing them, let alone three. Luckly 2 of them were simple line drawings but the third was a pen and ink piece of motorbike racer Valentino Rossi which took ages and is still being redone. 

But! on a positive note, I finished the Dr Gru commission but alas am not allowed to post a picture until after the recipients birthday (27th August) so until then I can fill this gap with a fun piece I had to do after thinking up the name of it.

Just a rough photo for now until I have time to get a clearer scan. But introducing: Despicaball Z o yes, super saiyan minions! This piece is up for grabs as the signed original for £30 inclusive of P&P and is pen and ink on thick Bristol board. Message or preferably email kirsty.bexon@hotmail.co.uk if interested in either this or a commission of your own! Image


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