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First Christmas Commission

31 Oct

It’s a little late in the year but I have had my first Christmas Commission for a card for a financial advisor firm. Super excited and already have two designs. With and without a red nose. Only request was to not have it religious themed or overtly Christmasy, I like to think I have struck a nice balance.

Time to think up a few more ideas before going back to the client with some options and get it all out to print!



You can d a lot in a week

27 Oct

I have just had a lovely week off from work. It was a much needed break away from work people, suck arse train companies and delays and putting up with meandering people. It also happened to coincide with my 26th Birthday. What more can you get than a week off and presents!

During my week off we managed to make our first trip to Ikea. It all started so well but in the end we only ended up coming home with jars for the kitchen and a shed load of photo frames of all different sizes. I also managed to get my main birthday present….a brand new table and mitre saw 😀 so look forward to some posts about what I make with that! B&Q also gave me some new wallpaper and a mirror that was reduced to £8. Perfect for my hallway!

The rest of the week saw me learning how to wallpaper and branching out into a new style of mythological creature skeleton sketches. I love how effective they look and they are a great use for all my new frames!

These are now all up for sale on ebay whilst I look into creating my own website (or more likely getting someone else to create me a website).



Make room, Make room!

8 Oct

I decided to have a clear out of old drawings that were either used to later create computer images, not quite what I wanted and used as a draft for another piece or just have been lying around forgotten and unloved for far too long and to try and find a new home for them. This along with some other stuff means I now have a fair bit going on my ebay page.

There are also two one off comic canvas collage pieces going using up two old damaged comics that would be no good to anyone and making the most of the inner art work to make a Cat woman piece and a great creepy piece using Witch Doctors which although not that well known, had some awesome drawings!!

All monies from this will go towards new supplies to get on with creating some brand new pieces so the more sold the more I can create like a circle of life…one of which is half done and will be Supernatural mash up with Nightmare Before Christmas to welcome Pumpkin Dean the Pumpkin King.

And thats it from me on the sales side! I am going to go look at all the leaves that exist on trees now with my new glasses. It’s a brand new world out there! 

Babies, Table Saws and Board Games

3 Oct

It’s hard to believe I have been in my new house for coming up to a year! To look at all the work still needed you wouldn’t think we had been in that long but when money runs out the work slows down. 

With all that in mind we thought that this would be the perfect year to try and make our family of three – me, husband and Sparky the cat – a family of four. 

In my mind from everything I have ever been told about teenagers and sex is “don’t have unprotected sex, you WILL get pregnant”. I also had a GP who would constantly ask me when I was planning babies and that she thought I would get pregnant straight away. I would have preferred a GP who was honest. After the first month of trying and no success I looked into the actually chances of creating life.

I wish I hadn’t. It turns out the actual time you can conceive can be as tight a spot as a 1 2 hour time period in the month. This can be anywhere from 7 – 21 days after your last period which is a long old time! and from that the percentage of couples still trying after not just one but two years is amazingly high. I am amazed there are so many of us here with those odds! 

So you just carry on until you cant take the monthly disappointment any more and head to the Drs to see if there is a deeper reason than just bad timing. 

Back to the DIY of the actually works kind! It’s my birthday soon and as any good upstanding woman should, I have been researching which Table Saw I would like 😀 The information on this subject is just as confusing as the above one! Do I need it to mitre? Yeah why not. Does it come with its own fold out trays? Yeah maybe I want that. I still have a few weeks to do my research and find the right Table Saw for my womanly needs. 

And Finally!

At a recent board game day at the pub I came across my own idea for a board game using cats and the domestication process. I have the basis drawn out and have played through the first two phases and have just to finalise the last one before I can start work on a bit more detailing and working out the bugs of how to win/lose! 

With all that there hasn’t been much room for new drawings except for a realistic version of Professor Layton that I worked on and is now sold. Image