Make room, Make room!

8 Oct

I decided to have a clear out of old drawings that were either used to later create computer images, not quite what I wanted and used as a draft for another piece or just have been lying around forgotten and unloved for far too long and to try and find a new home for them. This along with some other stuff means I now have a fair bit going on my ebay page.

There are also two one off comic canvas collage pieces going using up two old damaged comics that would be no good to anyone and making the most of the inner art work to make a Cat woman piece and a great creepy piece using Witch Doctors which although not that well known, had some awesome drawings!!

All monies from this will go towards new supplies to get on with creating some brand new pieces so the more sold the more I can create like a circle of life…one of which is half done and will be Supernatural mash up with Nightmare Before Christmas to welcome Pumpkin Dean the Pumpkin King.

And thats it from me on the sales side! I am going to go look at all the leaves that exist on trees now with my new glasses. It’s a brand new world out there! 


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