‘Tis the season for furniture up cycling and drawing mashups! UPDATE

14 Dec

It is at this time of year that I really am happy that my work runs a flexi time policy as I can use up holiday and flexi to have off every Friday of December making for four long productive weekends. So this shall be a longer update than usual. 

This year they haven’t been that productive as I have been sidetracked by Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and being ill/lazy. However! This weekend whilst on a mixture of having a cold and trying to stave it off with nothing but an energy drink, a starbucks toffee nut latte and other forms of caffeine I have managed to out chore all previous weekends. This has resulted in finding an amazing corner shelf unit at our local YMCA, a hideous wooden clock (that I needed for the clock piece as it was cheap), a table that will be upcycled to form a new tv unit, finishing off a bench that I wanted to work on and putting up the Downy Tree!

First The Bench! 

I bought this bench wanting to do wondrous things to it so that it went with a mis matched dining room set. And it still goes. However I have two benches and only need one so for now have stuck the second one on ebay. If you like it please feel free to bid or ask questions! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-gloss-bench-dining-room-sitting-black-seat-chair-/141141363694?pt=UK_Home_Garden_LivingRoom_Bookcases&hash=item20dcae4bee


Updates on the other new pieces once they have been delivered!

The Second update!

So I have still been doing a few drawings and working towards having a collection for a viewing night my husbands boss wants to hold for me with champagne and the likes. Half of the proceeds to me, half to charity. Should be a fun evening! But those pieces are all based around beautifully sculpted male bodies and the explosions of beauty, strength and other flowery words that describe vivid colour. A few examples:



But to have a break from all of those, I chose to do a Walking Dead meets Dr Who Mash up piece. 


I really must get round to scanning these rather just the rough photos I manage to take with my decrepit phone. 

So that’s the update! Post Christmas expect some new furniture, new drawings and who knows what else!

As always the drawings on this page are for sale unless otherwise stated and I am often open for Commissions, you only need ask 🙂

And now I am off to have my arse kicked by Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat! 



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