New Year, New hopes and New Projects

31 Dec

So as 2013 comes to a close I realise that I have been in our new house for a year now. It has been a busy year but also enjoyable and I have decided to mark it all by getting a tattoo, my first, on my forearm. I wanted something that I have drawn myself and came up with the following image. In designing this it became more and more exciting to think that tattooing may be a way to do more artwork at a level that would allow me to do something more creative full time. So 2014 will be a year of hard work, non stop drawing and going from there! 


The Last project of 2013

I had time over this Christmas break to finish off a unit I bought for the living room. It was a pain in the arse to do and took longer than I was expecting but its done sans handles. 

As purchased:

Paint stripped

Repainted and wallpapered top:

And completed sans the handles but with a fancy stag making up for it:

SO thats it! My final update for this year. Its been a good one! 



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