Accomplishable goals

1 Jan

Hi to the new followers I have gained in the last day or two!


I figured for 2014 I would have to set a new goal. 2012 and 2013 saw me set the aim of saying Yes to new experiences. This saw me make a great new group of friends, experience new and exciting things and have an all round two great years (even if the wallet did not like the new more out there me!)


So 2014 I am not allowed that goal. Instead I am setting the goal to not be so bloody hard on myself. I know I do it. If I create a new drawing or idea then I will see only the flaws in it and compare to other things that may be similar. If I paint a new piece of furniture, I will only remember the parts where it went wrong and the door fell off even if I can then paint over those errors or glue things back on. I still know. But for 2014 I am going to try and let go of those doubts. Those niggling voices that tell me I can’t do things. 


This leads me to starting the new year with two new drawings, one with the aim of not judging myself of how it turned out and the other to remind me that goals are doable as I set off to play Batman Arkham Origins and eat pizza. 


Good night all 🙂 




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