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Quick Sketches

18 Feb

You may or may not have noticed the amount of rain in the UK at the moment. Where it isn’t as bad as other countries get weather wise, it is enough to make a lot of services grind to a halt as companies realise they really should have invested some more money into upgrading rail lines, flood defences etc. But whilst we sit and they never learn, I try to find a few spare minutes between working and doing 5 hours of commuting each day then getting home to cook and play with a cat who has had far too little love of late and will be getting lots of treats and pettings at the weekend, to fit in a few sketches. 

They are nothing big, just A5 on card and will be of anything and everything as I used them as an excuse to keep drawing anything. 

So they don’t go to waste please keep an eye on my ebay as I will be listing them as and when they are drawn. All money reinvested in t-shirts for screen printing, new bristol board for official illustrations and some other new bits and bobs for creating bigger and better pieces! 

For starters I have a man and woman with wolf heads as hats in pencil shades.


Photos still being taken with camera on my very old phone at the moment. 


Burn all the things!

10 Feb

Recently my other half bought me a pyrography burning kit. What with all the DIY I have been doing over the past year I have a few off cuts of wood that are of no use to me. 

Until NOW!

I had a think about what I wanted to do as my first practice burning. I don’t go in for this “try just a small patch, practice a few strokes” malarky, no I want to go in at the deep end! So I riffled through a few of my old illustrations and came across one that I thought would work nicely on wood.

It took a few hours but here it is. I always say I need to take better photos and it is true for this piece as well as you lose a fair bit of the detailing. 


I highlighted some of the trees with white ink to complete the snow look and love how the burning and the ink work together. I think I am going to enjoy doing some more burnings…now I just need to find some more interesting wood with a bit more character rather than leftover floorboards.

Also great as this little guy gets to be the first piece for my first ever craft stall and has already received a commission for another piece to be created for a new house warming present! yay 🙂


Not another one!

4 Feb

As you can probably tell I love trying out new crafts and different ways of doing things. Thanks to the other half I now have a new toy, my mother will not approve of it when she finds out considering she still bans me from having candles (this is with good reason as I do like to play with them!) she will not be impressed to find out I now have a Pyrography tool 😀


Looking around online was a bit overwhelming with what people can do with these however I already feel that I will have my own style to put to use here to create something a bit different. 

One person I found and really love the syle of is, below being one of my favourites with the wood burning technique and pop of colour.

I have some bits and pieces of wood for practicing on so will look forward to doing that in a well ventilated area as after one short practice session the whole living room stinks of burnt wood (that is saying something as it is a room that has a wood stove burner which doesn’t leave a smell!)

this little guy is my first practising piece. Using an illustration I created last year as its base. 

However I have to hold off of all that for this week at least as I have let house hold chores slip and am in the process of decorating the bedroom which I have to complete before I get bored! lots of straight lines have been painted! ImageNext a skirting board to attach.