Not another one!

4 Feb

As you can probably tell I love trying out new crafts and different ways of doing things. Thanks to the other half I now have a new toy, my mother will not approve of it when she finds out considering she still bans me from having candles (this is with good reason as I do like to play with them!) she will not be impressed to find out I now have a Pyrography tool 😀


Looking around online was a bit overwhelming with what people can do with these however I already feel that I will have my own style to put to use here to create something a bit different. 

One person I found and really love the syle of is, below being one of my favourites with the wood burning technique and pop of colour.

I have some bits and pieces of wood for practicing on so will look forward to doing that in a well ventilated area as after one short practice session the whole living room stinks of burnt wood (that is saying something as it is a room that has a wood stove burner which doesn’t leave a smell!)

this little guy is my first practising piece. Using an illustration I created last year as its base. 

However I have to hold off of all that for this week at least as I have let house hold chores slip and am in the process of decorating the bedroom which I have to complete before I get bored! lots of straight lines have been painted! ImageNext a skirting board to attach. 


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