Burn all the things!

10 Feb

Recently my other half bought me a pyrography burning kit. What with all the DIY I have been doing over the past year I have a few off cuts of wood that are of no use to me. 

Until NOW!

I had a think about what I wanted to do as my first practice burning. I don’t go in for this “try just a small patch, practice a few strokes” malarky, no I want to go in at the deep end! So I riffled through a few of my old illustrations and came across one that I thought would work nicely on wood.

It took a few hours but here it is. I always say I need to take better photos and it is true for this piece as well as you lose a fair bit of the detailing. 


I highlighted some of the trees with white ink to complete the snow look and love how the burning and the ink work together. I think I am going to enjoy doing some more burnings…now I just need to find some more interesting wood with a bit more character rather than leftover floorboards.

Also great as this little guy gets to be the first piece for my first ever craft stall and has already received a commission for another piece to be created for a new house warming present! yay 🙂



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