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Avengers Assemble!

31 Mar

We have had some good years now of Superhero based films and whilst I started out not really caring about them I have grown closer to them and now appreciate their individual special attributes and personalities and have learnt to love them.

I got to see the new Captain America film on Friday on a well timed day off work so had the cinema to ourselves at lunch time and really got to enjoy the big screen feeling without all those other people ruining it with phones and popcorn and whispering (and no-one could judge us for doing the same). 

I went home and got to drawing creating a mash up I really enjoyed doing! Toothless, meet the Avengers, Avengers, Assemble! 


It is also amazing how much better about something you can feel when something you love and have put time into makes others happy and I have reached my highest notes on tumblr for this one still a puny 40 but more than 1! I will take that as a win!

Original A3 available for sale.


A weekend of T-shirts and printing

16 Mar

This time last year there had been snow and I had enjoyed a few days off work with no trains. I have not been so lucky this year but we have been lucky with a lot of sun so there is no excuse not to be out in the garden creating new exciting things craft wise.

There have been a few failures to get to this point with 2 failed screen printing tests, some not so great t-shirt results but they are here! Original Skull Mice t-shirts. 

The first few will be going at a lower price until I can get some packaging sorted so grab yourself a bargain – An original hand screen printed t-shirt with original illustration. Currently only available direct from me either online or at Craft fair venues. £15 with free P&P for all facebook followers – Sizes XS – XL with the fit on the slightly larger size so if you are usually a small, the XS would be suggested. 



Please email me at with any questions or requests for t-shirts.

I have also been busy putting some original drawings and bits on ebay, there are some gooduns all starting at the lowest price I can sell them to cover materials.




Screen printing

13 Mar

It has been another week of working and fitting in some of my own interests and I have finally gotten closer to a successful screen print. Its not perfect. But you can see the idea of what I am trying to do and the design didn’t disintegrate so that is an improvement. ImageImageA few areas have been missed where the screen filler has not stuck so I will need to go back and re do those areas and scratch parts away elsewhere. But I see this weekend as a weekend of producing a run of these. 

I also have plans for a Sherlock screen print t-shirt based on this image:



If you have any interest in one of those drop me a message and I can give you an update when they are printed. 


Sometimes you have to fail

3 Mar

I have been waiting patiently for a new order of screen printing goodies to arrive and now that they finally have I set about creating a printed t-shirt. It was all going so well. I created my pattern on the stencil, I filled it in….I did more than one sweep and my whole design was absorbed into nothingness. 


Lets try this again! Draw image onto canvas, check.

Let dry properly. Check.

Fill in. Let dry for what I think is enough time. Check.

Rinse with water. Check.

Print onto t-shirt and remove…check….o damn that did not work! Image

With 5 more days of work imposed on me until the next weekend I intend to sketch image one evening, let dry. Fill on second evening, let dry, rinse out on 3rd evening, let dry. Screen print on Saturday. Then I will either celebrate or cry depending on the results of that experiment!