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A little break from drawing

28 Apr

Sometimes in life you take a break because you need it.

And then there are times you take a break from something because you went to town, saw a fabric shop had a sale one and bought lots of cute new fabrics and you cant wait to make that new skirt you have been meaning to for weeks. Such is life. 

So I spent my weekend finally making a new skirt. I was really good and ironed everything I should, followed the pattern as written…then realised the zipper was on back to front. But it will stay that way because I cannot be bothered unpicking all that time for something that works and only I know its wrong.

I now have a lovely summer French patisserie based skirt and nowhere to wear it as the weather has gone cold and damp again. But it has pockets! Everyone loves a skirt with pockets!

ImageCan the keen eyed among you spot what’s on TV behind?



Zombies are a gardeners enemy

23 Apr

My husband and his mum were talking on the phone about ways veggie patches can be damaged. I don’t think they considered this option…They just wouldn’t understand all the effort of growing a courgette from seed!


Think before you speak

20 Apr

Sometimes, I would say rarely but that would be lying , I say something that I really shouldn’t. It can be to the wrong person or the wrong situation. Not more so than starting off my great nans funeral by getting locked in a toilet – Because the spoon didn’t fit. That makes sense when you know the toilet has not had a handle on the door for over ten years and you open it with a spoon. 

Then when walking to the crematorium it was a little cold and I made mention that it would be fine as we would soon be inside with a nice warm fire…..luckily it was only my husband who heard this little gem. But where would the fun be in not sharing?


So I done did a comic!

18 Apr

Every so often you have one of those conversations, a moment in which you realise holy shit you are a genius and this should be written down and remembered forever. Then you remember it is lunch time and you forget. But not this time world, not this time! 

So lo, witness the efforts of a conversation of the efforts of working out and the benefits of just putting on another layer to appear bigger. It’s pretty much the same overall effect. 



MAX MUSCLE! I don’t know how I would react if I met someone called Max Muscle. Please tell me if you know someone called this!

It’s Not A Mystery

16 Apr

The sun is shinning, the birds are singing and the lawn mowers are out in full force but that hasn’t stopped me working full out finding a printer to get some prints up and running and on the go! 

December is still very far away for my first craft fair but it looks to be a big one. I will be sneaky this Easter weekend and attend the Easter version of my Christmas booking to check out the competition and learn all I can about creating an effective stall. I already have some ideas and will have to set up a table to have a play around. So expect an update mid summer with any tips and tricks I can pull together and any mistakes I learn from! 

But first up with a limited run of 20 prints is Sherlock Holmes. 


Available here and details: