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Prints prints my Prince!

29 May

Just a short update for today and that is to tell you that I have finally gotten round to updating a few things and now offering some prints for sale with more to be added in time. Colourful prints, fun prints, print prints, all the things printed and ready to find a new home with a new person. 

No lengthy forms to fill out proving you are capable of caring for a print, of offering it shelter and a safe home (but I wish the best for them all the same as they go off into the big wide world). 

So go ahead, grab a glass of whiskey and a comfortable seat whilst you have a look at what is currently available. Can I offer you an ice cube?

Also here is Ryan Gosling cross hatch, Dat face!



What would you take?

27 May


I am back! I have my pretty new laptop, my drawing programmes all downloaded again, my drawing tablet – old and decrepit as it is after buying for some £40 5 years ago was just plug in and go…did’t need a disk or anything. Score!


So I was thinking about all these Zombie world ending possibilities and the fact that the topic of “what is your zombie survival plan” comes up a lot of times when in the pub, spending an evening drinking cold beverages certain in ourselves that we could outrun the zombies despite being out of breath going up a flight of stairs.


I also began to think that when push comes to shove I would probably not pick the items that are most productive to ensuring my survival. I would be like those people escaping natural disasters where speed is of essence and half way down the road dump their sofa and embroidered silk face towels but refusing to dump my 9 season VHS collection of 24 because they are full of survival tips I can learn from Jack Bower, despite forgetting to bring the VHS player which I don’t own because who has those any more?


So here is my very helpful, totally not useless list of things for Maximum Zombie survival…but please, if you do succumb to them please don’t come as an angry zombie to reek terrible vengeance upon me. Chances are I’m already one of you. 


Prints available!

Cross Hatch all the way

23 May

I am feeling a slight lack of inspiration at the moment with regards to creating anything really new, I think mostly because real life work is now at that point where I just don’t care any more for it and this affects my motivation to do anything else. It’s a bad spiral to be in so to keep drawing and trying to think up new things to do I have been cross hatching famous people and characters.


So many lines! Tiny lines. Long lines. Curved and straight lines. Lines for days. And days is what it can take doing one of these but only really as I have about an hour each evening after dinner and before bed to get some stuff done. 

They may start taking a darker turn as we begin watching Penny Dreadful on TV…the first episode was enjoyable so I’m looking forward to seeing what else they do! Bring on all the golden oldie horrors! 

So what to actually start drawing properly? Puppies that look like pandas? Nightmares? Nope….I’ve still got nothing. 


Poster design

21 May

I was sent a link to a writing group who were wanting posters for upcoming topics so I decided to give it a go as I had some time whilst I got to have a day off work to wait in for my new laptop. It is so pretty! Miserable delivery guy but that doesn’t matter he gave me my new toy 😀

So begins the duty of downloading everything I need again, making the computer recognise the drawing tablet and downloading paint tool sai again. 

Weird and wonderful was the topic and when I heard those two words I thought of animals that are born with too many heads, legs or weird diseases that they can catch that deform them. Not the prettiest ideas but hey I have decided to stick more to what comes naturally. Now it’s just to wait and see if it was good enough to be chosen….maybe not as the colouring looks blurry when uploaded but I am not good enough (have no idea how that works on a computer with sizing etc but I’m learning…) 

Now to draw something else or go re download spotify?




And my laptop goes to his grave

19 May

It is no surprise that my laptop has finally seen its last day. It had a good run. Was purchased when I bought my first flat which was lived in for six years, came with us when we moved to our new house and has survived a happy retirement year there. But after the right click broke, I lost the L key and the A key stopped working I decided it was time.

A quick look on line and I found a decent looking HP on line, refurbished so it cost £120 less than brand new – excellent! It does however come at a time where I can’t afford to buy it but cant afford to be without it! So I trick myself by adding it to the business set up expenses spreadsheet and hoping that it will pay for itself in the coming year. 

But whilst I await that being delivered (which coincidently means I have to have a day off work on the sunniest week this year, o no!) I am back to enjoying doing some pen and ink drawings on paper and am feeling cross-hatch at the moment. So expect to see some familiar faces and interesting combinations soon.

In the meantime here is Matt Smiths beautiful face whilst Brian Blessed is in the making! And if you have something you would like done in this style then please do drop me a message, commissions are available. 



Why so Lumpy?

13 May

I have decided that sometimes in life the only thing to be done is admit when you have a problem. 

Hello. My name is Kirsty and I am addicted to Chat Noir style posters. The original is great but then you get so many different variants on it with lots of different cats. New favourite is by a comic artist called Abby Howard who made one up of her cat Spoons, I like it, the personal touch. Also if you love horror based comics do check out her web comic – The Last Halloween – Do it!

I now plan to decorate my hallway with some large painted versions of all my favourite chat noir posters. So expect a post when all of those are done and hung. There may even be a few randoms added in as I also love the Golden Cat posters from Dishonoured! 

But until all those are done for my personal stuff, I may also be doing a few mock ups with different characters being all chat noir styled up.

Starting with the glamorous LSP.



What do you want?

9 May

Agghh where is this year going? 

It has come to me that I have 6 months now to prepare for my first craft stall. I did have 11 months. I have 6. And I have no stock. 

Then it came to me that part of the reason I don’t have anything decided is because I don’t know what people actually want or look for when visiting craft fairs! It’s like when I am asked what I want for dinner. This question is far too broad and I am left thinking of all the possibilities as I flick from burritos to mac and cheese to a fancy chicken and red wine jus to a microwave pizza. It’s endless. And we usually end up with humus and pitta which is less than inspiring. I don’t want humus and pitta!

I want a three course meal with champagne and after dinner chocolates with a glass of port when people come to my stall! 

So I put the question to you lovely people who wonder by with what would you like to see on a craft stall where the owners main selling point starts at “Original illustrations”. 

It’s broad, it’s undefined and I have 2meters of table to fill. O and its in December so CHRISTMAS!

Postcards, prints, gift boxes with special designs on, wood burnt goods such as Christmas tree decorations and chopping boards. What can you think of that I haven’t even considered? Please, throw your ideas at me, whisper them to me on the wind, write a haiku;

If that’s how you roll 

Such ideas I am seeking 

A banquet of thoughts!