Why so Lumpy?

13 May

I have decided that sometimes in life the only thing to be done is admit when you have a problem. 

Hello. My name is Kirsty and I am addicted to Chat Noir style posters. The original is great but then you get so many different variants on it with lots of different cats. New favourite is by a comic artist called Abby Howard who made one up of her cat Spoons, I like it, the personal touch. Also if you love horror based comics do check out her web comic – The Last Halloween – http://www.last-halloween.com/posts/1. Do it!

I now plan to decorate my hallway with some large painted versions of all my favourite chat noir posters. So expect a post when all of those are done and hung. There may even be a few randoms added in as I also love the Golden Cat posters from Dishonoured! 

But until all those are done for my personal stuff, I may also be doing a few mock ups with different characters being all chat noir styled up.

Starting with the glamorous LSP.




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