And my laptop goes to his grave

19 May

It is no surprise that my laptop has finally seen its last day. It had a good run. Was purchased when I bought my first flat which was lived in for six years, came with us when we moved to our new house and has survived a happy retirement year there. But after the right click broke, I lost the L key and the A key stopped working I decided it was time.

A quick look on line and I found a decent looking HP on line, refurbished so it cost £120 less than brand new – excellent! It does however come at a time where I can’t afford to buy it but cant afford to be without it! So I trick myself by adding it to the business set up expenses spreadsheet and hoping that it will pay for itself in the coming year. 

But whilst I await that being delivered (which coincidently means I have to have a day off work on the sunniest week this year, o no!) I am back to enjoying doing some pen and ink drawings on paper and am feeling cross-hatch at the moment. So expect to see some familiar faces and interesting combinations soon.

In the meantime here is Matt Smiths beautiful face whilst Brian Blessed is in the making! And if you have something you would like done in this style then please do drop me a message, commissions are available. 




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