Poster design

21 May

I was sent a link to a writing group who were wanting posters for upcoming topics so I decided to give it a go as I had some time whilst I got to have a day off work to wait in for my new laptop. It is so pretty! Miserable delivery guy but that doesn’t matter he gave me my new toy 😀

So begins the duty of downloading everything I need again, making the computer recognise the drawing tablet and downloading paint tool sai again. 

Weird and wonderful was the topic and when I heard those two words I thought of animals that are born with too many heads, legs or weird diseases that they can catch that deform them. Not the prettiest ideas but hey I have decided to stick more to what comes naturally. Now it’s just to wait and see if it was good enough to be chosen….maybe not as the colouring looks blurry when uploaded but I am not good enough (have no idea how that works on a computer with sizing etc but I’m learning…) 

Now to draw something else or go re download spotify?





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