Cross Hatch all the way

23 May

I am feeling a slight lack of inspiration at the moment with regards to creating anything really new, I think mostly because real life work is now at that point where I just don’t care any more for it and this affects my motivation to do anything else. It’s a bad spiral to be in so to keep drawing and trying to think up new things to do I have been cross hatching famous people and characters.


So many lines! Tiny lines. Long lines. Curved and straight lines. Lines for days. And days is what it can take doing one of these but only really as I have about an hour each evening after dinner and before bed to get some stuff done. 

They may start taking a darker turn as we begin watching Penny Dreadful on TV…the first episode was enjoyable so I’m looking forward to seeing what else they do! Bring on all the golden oldie horrors! 

So what to actually start drawing properly? Puppies that look like pandas? Nightmares? Nope….I’ve still got nothing. 



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