Nothing like a bit of panic!

10 Jun

I recently had a very relaxing weekend. I was happy because I have been working towards having a website up and running to sell prints and other bits from so that I could make the switch from using Etsy which I don’t really get on with for where I am heading. This is manly because once purchasing something people rarely know the shop name or person who has made what they have bought. If asked where something is from a response would typically be “O from Etsy” or “from someone on Etsy” No mention of the creator.

But this leads me to having a few older items still up for sale on Etsy whilst my website gets to a point I am happy with it. I placed that postage would take 1 – 2 weeks which would give me enough time to pick a printer and have it ordered and set up before any print orders came through.

Error. I underestimated that I would actually get a sale and one requesting that it would be needed in a short time frame. Thus ensued a manic midnight purchasing of a large colour printer within budget and inks and paper for delivery on Tuesday. It is now Tuesday and the panic has begun to start as to how big this printer will actually be. I had have to order it to work because I cannot have the day off….I work in London and have a two hour journey home and need to get the printer onto a muchly overcrowded train.

On the plus side, a sale is nothing to be annoyed about and it was my own fault for underestimating people actually wanting to buy my items. Which is a nice thing.

So I shall celebrate instead of feeling bad for spending so much on new business toys and hope that future sales will soon outshine the initial outgoings.

This also sets me up nicely to start thinking what prints I want to take to my craft fair in December.   check out the current prints available

and soon there shall be something based on the idea of a house with a White Picard Fence.


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