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Spirit of London

4 Jul

I travel 2 hours in the morning to get to work. Most of this is on a dead end train that goes slowly, is never on time and most days is over crowded. But at the other end I have a 2 mile walk to the office which is made a bit more manageable as I get to do most of it along the River Thames. It’s a walk that lets you experience London at its best.

Yes it is teaming with tourists in the Summer who won’t move out of the god-damned way, I have to hear the same buskers – even the really bad ones! And I have to walk past them all otherwise by the time I got to work and back home I would be broke!

Despite all that I get to see the good side of London. The magical side where you just don’t know what one day to the next is going to bring. You can turn a corner and there will be a new art installation.

All of this came together to make me want a London skyline picture but it needed to have a difference… It needed some magic. And what better to add some whimsy and magic than Studio Ghibli characters?

So please, if you love this as much as I loved drawing it – and it took hours to get all those lines. So many lines! It is available as a print here –

or if you would like one of the limited A3 sized prints then drop me a message to Р£30.



A day of updates!

4 Jul

I was sick last week so had a bit of time to catch up on some drawings I have been meaning to complete. A few finished goods, some just ideas I wanted down and one that was just a fun pun to draw.

First the pun! This one had me giggling for AGES despite it being lame and not really that funny. I was imagining what ideals people have when growing up about what their adult house will look like and some many people picture a white picket fence. Then it came to me like a lightning bolt of pure awesome Рwhat if you had a white picard fence! Yes, Yes I can hear you signing my praises now for this wondrous idea!

so behold! O it also has the house from UP, you know because that’s the ideal house!picard