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New drawings and a broken car

26 Sep

I had a surprise day off yesterday to wait for our car to be returned after we found out during a service one of the brake pads had completely gone. Instead of moping on how much it cost to fix the bugger I got onto ordering a new radiator and door for delivery the same day to make the most of a day off work.

Everything, for once, actually arrived at a decently early time and I was able to do some work for actual work, get some bits from the shop for making peanut butter cups and then settle down with the cat asleep on a fresh pile of laundry to get to work on two new drawings.

I am still on the cat track of tea stained paper and majestic cats for my craft fair. They will all be up for sale at £18 framed.

Here are the two newest additions


There are still a few more I want to get drawn before I move onto some other ideas including some beer bottle tops with mini paintings on the inside of snow landscapes and Christmas themes.


Long time no sound

22 Sep

It has been a while since I have found some time to post a new blog about anything. That’s not to say nothing has been happening!

1. I’ve now had my 20 week scan and found out we are most likely having a girl 🙂 But that’s it for new exciting things we get to find out until we meet her in Jan/February next year.

2. I realised I have an extra month to prepare for my first craft fair. I had been panicking as I have been so tired and found no time to do any new work for it between preparing the house for new baby, work and the commute, and sleeping.

3. I am now back up to date for now and have a few new pieces finally created! I love these guys and hope to have a little army of them ready for December along with a few other bits and bobs.

cat 2cat 1cat 3