New drawings and a broken car

26 Sep

I had a surprise day off yesterday to wait for our car to be returned after we found out during a service one of the brake pads had completely gone. Instead of moping on how much it cost to fix the bugger I got onto ordering a new radiator and door for delivery the same day to make the most of a day off work.

Everything, for once, actually arrived at a decently early time and I was able to do some work for actual work, get some bits from the shop for making peanut butter cups and then settle down with the cat asleep on a fresh pile of laundry to get to work on two new drawings.

I am still on the cat track of tea stained paper and majestic cats for my craft fair. They will all be up for sale at £18 framed.

Here are the two newest additions


There are still a few more I want to get drawn before I move onto some other ideas including some beer bottle tops with mini paintings on the inside of snow landscapes and Christmas themes.


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