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Woodland critters

13 Oct

I got busy at the weekend as I had a cute idea and I went with it. A while back I was walking past a ladies garden and she had this brilliant sized branch she was throwing away and I had to ask if I could have it. After much confusion as to why I wanted her branch I walked merrily off with it knowing I would do something but not sure what!

Fast forward and it is now cut down into lots of disks and I still had no idea what to do.

Thinking of Christmas and my craft stall I hit upon the idea of doing some wood burnt decorations with them but after a few attempts they were just tooo rough for the wood burner to get a good effect. So it was onto paint as a solution.

I wanted to do a fox and without any sketches for ideas I just went with it and the first one I painted I loved and hit upon the idea to do a gift set of 4 different hand painted woodland creature hanging disks. Three have been designed and are just awaiting a small hole to be drilled and a ribbon for hanging.


A fourth creature still needs to be created but I am thinking badger to complete the English woodlands theme.

Next effort is to figure out how best to package them for the best effect. As ever my photography skills are lacking and need a lot of work but I get too excited once I have finished something to not just take a quick phone snap!