First craft fair fun and games

7 Dec

This weekend was my first craft fair! I signed up in January and have spent the year doing some research and figuring out what to try and sell. I didn’t know a the time of booking that I would be 31 weeks pregnant at the time of doing it, in the middle of winter, in a green house. But when life throws you surprises you just go with them!

The day started at 6am getting packed into the car, de-icing the window and driving 40 minutes to the venue.

We arrived bang on time and started setting up. It was a bit of moving about in order to get things displayed how we thought best to display them. throughout the day we would learn that some things needed to be moved around as people were having to lean over to see smaller items.

My chopping boards were getting a lot of interest with many people walking past and stroking them but I think overall I had over priced the items for the day.

My original cat soldier drawings gained a lot of interest and I sold three of those in short succession to a very happy man.

Bottle top paintings seemed to be the main draw as a cheaply priced item that had the cute effect.

There were lots of other interesting stalls about and a lovely older couple selling mini toad stools which were pretty cute. So keep your eyes peeled if you see a Keep it Local Craft Fair, they really do have some great people joining them!

I am sure there was plenty more to be learnt and I will put all these things into practice for a few more events in the new year. All in all I covered the cost of the stall which if anything was my main goal. A few more should see me begin to break even but in the mean time a lot more new people now have my business card and know a little about what I do. And next time I won’t be attempting to stand up freezing cold for 6.5 hours whilst 8 months pregnant.

Stay tuned for the next update which will have a listing of some remaining items that are for sale for anyone wanting a last minute Christmas present!



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