Archive | January, 2015

New card game

22 Jan

I am having a busy maternity leave and using the time well to design a card game idea I had based on cats and world domination for 2+ players.

First stage was to draft out paper cards and rules and have a play through with the husband to see if the basic rules and game play actually worked. We managed to have a good game, I somehow lost which I don’t see is at all fair for my own game! And so it moved onto a bit of cleaning up of the rules and creating some sturdier playing cards to be able to get some friends to play test the game.

So now I am spending my days designing the cards so that a bit more fun can be had rather than basic cards.

Now I am at the stage of will the baby come before I have finished the remaining 100 or will I get these cards finished to have some play tests ready for the next stages at some point in the coming months and start to build up some hype for the game!

So yes! Domesticats is the name, world domination is the aim!

card 6 Card 12 Game cards 1 Game cards 3 Game cards 7 World Piece 1 World Piece 7


Bottle Top Paintings

2 Jan

Over Christmas I set myself a little project to use some of the bottle tops that were laying around and created some fun paintings with the aim of adding magnets to the back and adding some colour to our fridge.

The first set of ideas was to get some pokemon done as they are a go to thing when I am feeling less than inspired to create something of my own.

pokemon tops done

Next up was a fun game of fridge pac man! Lots of ghosts and game pieces! I’ll add a few cherries and other fruits to complete the game in the next few days.

pac man

Next up should be a few more bottle top paintings of my own design.  if you are interested in owning any of these for a cheaply price!