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Baby News!

26 Feb

Today marks the three weeks since I gave birth to my first child. It certainly was an experience after learning you can have a five day pre labour – five days of contractions increasing in strength and time. The benefit of this though turned out being only 30 mins of active pushing before my daughter entered the world. She was small and took a little encouragement to take her first breath but we got there! Marceline was the name we chose but “how did you decide that name, its so unusual” is a little awkward to say we first heard it  on a cartoon – Adventure Time.

I do have to say if they are available in your area, sign up fir Daisy Birthing Classes. This class allowed me to get through contractions and labour without pain relief and the techniques learnt continue to help post labour.

I can also say if you live in the right areas, check out Crowborough Birthing Centre. As my first baby I had all the usual fears and worries and thought a hospital was the best option. After seeing the centre however my mind was changed and boy was I glad! Not only would I have not made the drive to the hospital which was further away I was blown away by the midwives and support received both during labour and for the following two days I stayed resting.

Everyone told me I would be tired and sleep deprived and was silly signing up for three more craft fairs this year…to them I say BAH! Its now been three weeks and touch wood I am averaging  between 6 – 8 hours, Yes they are broken into two hour slots but I am getting them. This is allowing me to be back to drawing whilst she sleeps during the day. The next update will feature my Llamas and Alpacas in hats drawings.

So thats all for now as I spend my early morning hours feeding I sit and try think up some new things to be drawing and doing!