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First Three Months

24 May

Hello! It’s been quiet on the front here as we reach the three and a half month mark with the new addition of Marceline to the family. I can’t really remember what has happened until now as it is all a blur with days being long but the weeks going too quickly. She’s grown to double her birth weight and I just know will enjoy moving onto solids in the coming months by the amount she follows spoons.

I really do wonder if we will stop at one child as we are enjoying her and coping great… adding a new baby in three odd tears just sounds too scary and hard work. But we will see in a few years.

Other stuff happening more on the work front is my husband is setting up on his own as a financial advisor and has some great ideas to bring a fresh approach to the industry compared to the more traditional hard sell.

I am still drawing and creating as much as I can and have the first craft fair of the year fast approaching! A new scanner is on the cards so hopefully I will have more to show soon so don’t lose interest in this page just yet. For now, some of my new animals in circles:

IMG_20150513_162330 IMG_20150513_174609 IMG_20150513_181413 IMG_20150513_181457 IMG_20150513_181706