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Spaced out

19 Sep

As the dark nights begin to descend that bit earlier our household is struck by the first bout of cold. A seven month old with a cold isn’t fun. Add on top myself also being full of it is double not fun. So whilst I’m hopped up on cold tablets and counting down the hours till bed, I find myself with a little time to take some really bad photos of my most recent paintings.

Still on the space theme, this time with some colourful nebulas. I am a little in love with the blue and green one and think I will leave it spider free. Now begin the thoughts of what can I be painting or drawing next…

New paintings are also up on my etsy page

Original Acrylic Space Universe painting


Invasion of the Space Spiders!

15 Sep

It’s that time of year where there are spiders everywhere. You either love them, hate them or can manage them unless they are over a certain size. I can handle money spiders. Those teeny tiny things you can hardly see. Unfortunately our house seems to have had an explosion of large unpleasant looking fellows who make me think we need to leave the neighbourhood. But I guess that’s what we get for living in a house that backs onto woodlands.

I am guessing the above has no small influence on my current painting mood which revolves around the concept that space is rather large and who knows that planets are not just the colourful ever moving backs of spiders. Arachnophobia on a Universal scale.

This introduces then the colourful universe paintings and a sly spider that almost goes unnoticed on the first look. You know kind of like when you walk out of your house in the morning and get that nasty spiders web right across your face and the thought of OH MY GOD ITS ON ME!

space 1 space 2

Painting Skills

4 Sep

Wow I have realised just how long it has been since I properly picked up a paint brush and created a full finished piece. It was a big learning experience to know that there are a lot of forgotten skills that I will need to relearn but have plenty of time to do so. This painting marks the first piece in my own show next year of drawings and scarily paintings.

I think the shows focus will be around nature and animals but with a twist to make them comical but any that I don’t think fit the overall feel of where I head with it will be up for sale early. There are always surprise originals in my etsy shop. Forgive the photography as the actual pieces are better than the photos as I can never get my head around photography it seems more a science than an art to me.

A small sneak peak of the final A3 piece.


We are back!

1 Sep

Time has recently been found to get a bit more practice in with the drawing front. I had a nicely successful craft fair over the bank holiday weekend where much art was sold. I however spent most of the incomes on a new tea cosy for the husband and a bracelet for myself. Oops.

But on that front I am now all signed up for an art exhibition next August so after my October craft fair is all wrapped up it is onto some proper hard graft and creation of 40 new pieces for display. Luckily I have found a charity shop near by which sells lots of old frames. My aim is to get a load of these, repaint or spray in funky new colours to bring them a new life and frame some new works with them.

This will all be happening whilst my husband starts working for himself instead of “the man” so will be at home more often and getting to spend more time with Marceline as she hits the seven month mark. But on the down side my maternity leave is running out so we are waiting to hear if I can work from home or not. Dun dun dunnnn.

I’ve taken the time to set up a little website to try and host the best of my pieces in a mini portfolio rather than my tumblr which is so chock full of crap but I cant bring myself to delete that history.

That’s it for the catch up!