We are back!

1 Sep

Time has recently been found to get a bit more practice in with the drawing front. I had a nicely successful craft fair over the bank holiday weekend where much art was sold. I however spent most of the incomes on a new tea cosy for the husband and a bracelet for myself. Oops.

But on that front I am now all signed up for an art exhibition next August so after my October craft fair is all wrapped up it is onto some proper hard graft and creation of 40 new pieces for display. Luckily I have found a charity shop near by which sells lots of old frames. My aim is to get a load of these, repaint or spray in funky new colours to bring them a new life and frame some new works with them.

This will all be happening whilst my husband starts working for himself instead of “the man” so will be at home more often and getting to spend more time with Marceline as she hits the seven month mark. But on the down side my maternity leave is running out so we are waiting to hear if I can work from home or not. Dun dun dunnnn.

I’ve taken the time to set up a little website to try and host the best of my pieces in a mini portfolio rather than my tumblr which is so chock full of crap but I cant bring myself to delete that history.


That’s it for the catch up!


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