All go ho!

18 Oct

Things have been hectic the past month with my Husband leaving his job in London and starting his own firm. Downside is we have had to drastically cut back until he is fully up and running. Up side he has 5 hours extra a day to spend with Marceline rather than leaving home before she was up and getting home after she was in bed.

Another down side is that I am working part time in the evenings in Wetherspoons. The less said about that the better but it is something different just wish I wasn’t the oldest person (at 27!) working in the kitchen.On top of that I work part time in the admin side of husbands firm plus the art side for myself…so I am busy to say the least at the moment and fitting all that in between spending the days with M and having fun play times!

I have my last craft fair of the year approaching this Saturday and have spent the day creating new decorated mini glasses, shot glasses or pudding wine glasses. Whatever drink you want to put in them really. Or put normal drinks in them and pretend you are a giant! They are fun to do and finding new designs that work with the 3D look the glass offers with the foreground and background effects.

After this craft fair I think work begins on my show next August and continuing to shop for Christmas on a very tight budget. So far I am doing well though after picking up a brand new game of Simpsons Clue for 50p at a charity shop.

In essence of all of the above I am having a huge sort out of what I currently have in stock and am having a bit of an art sale to make some more space for the pieces I will be creating the coming year. So if you want take a look at my etsy and my ebay and grab an affordable piece of art in time for Christmas and help me create a bit of space. It can even give you that glowing feeling of having helped someone 😛

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