25 Oct

Over the weekend I attended the last craft fair of the year. Only 300 people came through the doors but I made the most sales I have done. This was mostly due to the introduction of some decorated glassware I created and went down a storm.

I got to have a strange conversation with a lady whose husband had recently trimmed their bush by their house to look like a chicken and then ask me if I knew how to care for a taxadermadised tortoise…no. No I don’t.

I have a lot more ideas for glass decorations but really cannot start on any new work until I have at least tried to clear some space in my already cluttered art room. It is also really good timing to start getting a head start on your christmas shopping as I learnt on Saturday “ooo this drawing will be great for Steve for Christmas” “I don’t know, it looks a bit freaky” “Exactly! He will love it!!”

So if you want to see what glass ideas are coming up, grab yourself a bargain original art piece now and clear some space from my walls to decorate yours! Anything sold for over £10 now comes with a free random print whilst the stocks last. What could be better than that?



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