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New Page views

26 Jan

Want to see a bit more from The Girl Who Carried A Mountain? How about three more page previews below just waiting on the wording to be finalised and added to be complete!

We are counting down faster than I can keep up, 19 days left on the kickstarter. There are a few people funding but not nearly enough so if you do like it spread the word! You will have my utmost thanks as well as all the goodies offered on the Kickstarter. All money raised will be used to make the book and full fill the promises. If anything costs less than anticipated or who knows I have a sudden influx and raise more than needed, then it will be spent including some extra goodies into packages when sent out.

Page 18 DarkerPage 24 & 24 together

If you run a blog that features books for children or stories and want to contact me then please do feel free to drop me a message here or even just say hello! I love hearing from new people and their thoughts on my projects.


Introducing new characters

21 Jan

25 days to go and I have had a little reorganise of the Kickstarter page and introduced some new page previews so you get to see more of what you can expect from the complete book!

The new changes had a new backer within five minutes!

I need the love shared! If you like what you see but don’t have anyone to buy for why not click the share links on the page as there may be someone you know who it would be perfect for. Perhaps friends have young children who they enjoy reading books with before bed. All printed and with you well in advance for Christmas this year!

Backing is a great way to find out what happens on the girls adventures and what this guy is up to.

Page 14.png

OOO A Page Sneak Peak

19 Jan

It’s not a secret that needs to be kept, it needs to be shared! The Girl Who Carried A Mountain is getting a lot of interest but not so many going that final step to get this book to it’s final stage. So a few reasons why you should part with a bit of cold hard cash and get any number of the reward tiers going.

  1. £13 is the lowest tier to get the book. It will arrive in time to be prepared for Christmas 2016. 
  2. £13 can buy you two coffees and maybe a cake depending on where you get it. They will last ten mins to drink – if you are leisurely and have a friend to drink the second plus the four or so hours of caffeine high following OR you can get untold hours of enjoyment from this book as your child grows from you reading it to them to them taking the reigns and reading for themselves.
  3. If this project is a success it paves the way for the creation of other stories such as The Brave Deer Knight and Hello Mr Robin. Two awesome ideas that have been bursting to come to life but TGWCAM was the lucky first!
  4. And just to “Peak” your interest, how about a sneak shot at one of the pages from the book? You too could make the mountain smile. Page 6.jpg

So What are you waiting for? Let that hover hand click down and be part of this great projects birth!

The First hurdle

17 Jan

The Girl Who Carried A Mountain has been live for one evening and we have our first backer! Also good news, it isn’t my mum!

Why not see what has interested them and take a look over at

Follow the story aimed at children that sees a young girl carry the weight of a lost mountain on her shoulders.

Page 4 COLOUR Logo

The Girl Who Carried A Mountain up and running

16 Jan

It’s done, the kickstarter is started! Take a look and see what you think. If you have kids or know anyone with them why not consider this as a gift for them? Everything will be ready and shipped on or before October this year!

Want a different reward? Let me know what you are interested in and I will see if it will be viable to be added! So come and journey with The Girl Who Carried A Mountain!


The Girl Who Carried A Mountain

16 Jan

It’s been nearly a year now since I had my first daughter and she is growing into a lovely little girl who will smile at anyone except Santa. She knows not to trust a man that can break into your house when you sleep.

In that time I have drank copious amounts of coffee with friends, discovered the horrors of soft play and made a few new friends.

I have also found the drive to illustrate and put together my first story into an actual format outside my head. I have also decided to try and go the Kickstarter route with this. To introduce it to new people and offer them a chance to get the book and a few extra fun bits in the making.

You can look forward to following the story of The Girl Who Carried A Mountain. Or as I affectionately call it TGWCAM for short. I don’t call it that.


So stay tuned for all the Kickstarter links and information!

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