OOO A Page Sneak Peak

19 Jan

It’s not a secret that needs to be kept, it needs to be shared! The Girl Who Carried A Mountain is getting a lot of interest but not so many going that final step to get this book to it’s final stage. So a few reasons why you should part with a bit of cold hard cash and get any number of the reward tiers going.

  1. £13 is the lowest tier to get the book. It will arrive in time to be prepared for Christmas 2016. 
  2. £13 can buy you two coffees and maybe a cake depending on where you get it. They will last ten mins to drink – if you are leisurely and have a friend to drink the second plus the four or so hours of caffeine high following OR you can get untold hours of enjoyment from this book as your child grows from you reading it to them to them taking the reigns and reading for themselves.
  3. If this project is a success it paves the way for the creation of other stories such as The Brave Deer Knight and Hello Mr Robin. Two awesome ideas that have been bursting to come to life but TGWCAM was the lucky first!
  4. And just to “Peak” your interest, how about a sneak shot at one of the pages from the book? You too could make the mountain smile. Page 6.jpg

So What are you waiting for? Let that hover hand click down and be part of this great projects birth!


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