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The Girl Who Carried A Mountain

15 Apr

It’s here. I’ve finally finished this book! Looking back I know I’ve made some mistakes in my work methods but I realise that and can improve for the next book. I need to keep momentum going and don’t let a month or so pass before getting back into the swing of things. It helps keep everything more fluid and natural.

But here it is for all to judge as is the way of the internet but also hopefully to enjoy. Going back to the simple idea of fables and of lessons to be learnt.

If you buy it and like it then please do let others know, word of a mouth is a powerful tool.Cover two pages


The secrets out at work

8 Apr

I’ve recently quit my job at Wetherspoons, working a few nights in the week to earn play money so I can go to playgroups and fun things with my 14 month old and not feel guilty for spending the money when my husband has been setting up his own firm. He no longer works for the man and gets to be the man. But a much nicer man who isn’t pushy and actually works for his clients best interests and not for how much money they can bring in.

I quit my job because it was exhausting looking after a 14 month old from 8am till 7.30pm where we would swap, and I would head out to work till 1am in the kitchen. Instead I now work at our local community center, more sociable hours and now have a part time childminder. Who knows, maybe this will give the child the push she needs to actually start walking without holding on which she has been doing since December.

I love this job despite its physical exhausting aspect of lugging around tables and chairs. It also gives me a bit more time to work on some new drawings for a show coming up in August. Some of the new pieces are making their way for viewing on my website –!portfolio/cjg9. They are aiming to be a play on words and just a bit of fun. But now everyone at work knows what I do on the side and you get two people. One kind who really enjoy the creative side of things and think people should do what they enjoy. And the arseholes.

In other news:

I am also sooooo very close to having finished The Girl Who Carried A Mountain I can almost celebrate but I still need to tidy up four pages and put it all together then choose which format to release it. I think as it’s the first one I will be going with Amazon. So keep your eyes out for news on that front!