27 May

As I have started using LinkedIn more because I am growing my networking skills and meeting new people, I have started to get more and more men I don’t know requesting to add me to their network.

My go to thing has been to ignore and neither accept nor decline the invites but there has always been the question Why are they asking to join networks? The curious side was wonder if they really did want to connect for business reasons or were chancers based on my profile picture.

So I decided to message them. It was a polite, short message. Hi, Thank you for requesting to join networks. I am sorry but I can’t place whether we have met at an event or how you came across my profile? Look forward to connecting. And then I waited.

It didn’t take long for the first reply to come back “Sorry, No I don’t know you, I am new to using LinkedIn (he wasn’t a new account) and I am unsure how to use things on this site” So no business connection there and a frankly lame get out of jail excuse.

Then the next response arrived “Sorry I must have clicked on the wrong person”

I won’t be surprised if the other replies I sent out – all to men – come back with similar lines of excuse or no response at all.

So off they go to the delete pile. Another good reason for not automatically accepting all network requests. Message people back first to get an idea of why they want to link with you and you keep your network clean of wasted links.


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