The Creating Process – Part 1

3 Jun

I promised a few updates with the next drawing and here is the first one! Everyone has a different way of working and finding what works for them. Even when you think you have the perfect working system, always keep your eyes open for anything new that might also work in an exciting way for you!

At the moment I am enjoying using Canason A3 paper and the trusty old mechanical Roting Tikky 0.5 pencil. These are my base items for creating final pieces.


Before I get to any of that I will search for images to back up any ideas I have to find the right composition on the computer. I use gimp for a lot of this as I like the ease of moving things around and basic function use. I don’t do much digital art just because I don’t enjoy it and it shows. So I can’t rate gimp for the more involved functions. But if all you need is a layering tool to mess around with what works where then this is perfect for you, and FREE!

Once that is all set and I am happy with how things look I will sketch it all out onto my paper. I will generally do this cross legged on our sofa watching what ever show we happen to be into at the time – if interested it’s IZombie on Netflix. Yes at is bare bones its a police detective show but it’s still enjoyable and a good take on one.

I have a large piece of light weight wood that I use to lean on for this stage. I do have a proper drawing table but as yet I don’t tend to use it too much.

So for this I am working on a Sweet (Potato) Dreams motivation poster. The sketch stage is completed and I will update with the next stage! I will also sketch at my non illustration job where I have just a standard office desk set up, as indicated by the ruler and calculator, all exciting stuff!




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