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Things they are a changing

28 Jan

2017 is set to be an interesting year in our house hold. We have a two year old who will be getting a new brother in April and have no idea how she will take all the changes that come with a new family member. But neither do we!

This will see me on Maternity leave again, something I didn’t do too well with last time as I am not cut out for the reduced contact with adults and earning my own keep. I know, I know, childcare and raising two children is a full time job and luckily I have a husband who understands the value of my family contribution but personally I also like to be bringing in.

To this length I usually start up a whole host of new projects and use the time to get ideas out and down ready to be played with.

The first has already come with the beginnings of a new Fable story called the Three Legged Rabbit. It has two lessons. One of the Rabbit who does not give up despite their change in fortune when all seems hopeless. The other, of humans who are oblivious to their own fortune and the lack of compassion or understanding of their impact on others.

I am also giving up on ebay and etsy for this year. Etsy takes up a full time jobs worth of time to keep up to date with everything and fresh looks to keep people interested and ebay is full of chancers. So, between a few physical craft fairs I am going to be leaning more on the blog building and the facebook page. For 2017 anything I create with a purpose of selling will be offered on a “pay what you feel” basis. I hope to teach people how much time and effort goes into projects and small scale creations and maybe then we can teach buyers the true cost of products. Hopefully bit by bit we as creators can stop undercutting each other and selling at a price which barely covers materials.

With all of this don’t be surprised if you see some vegetable themed items popping up as I have chosen being 30 weeks pregnant as the PERFECT time to take on an allotment which is covered in grass and frozen solid. I have my seeds ready and now just need to wait for the frost to go and convince the husband to get digging.

So feel free to join me on this year of experimentation and learning.