Feeling Like an Adult

1 Feb

There are points in life where you hit a milestone and you think to yourself “Wow, that was a really adult thing”.

The big things are obvious like your first serious relationship, renting or buying a property, getting married and having kids. They are all big life changing things that people tend to do when they are considered adults.

But what about those small things that you do?

I feel like an adult when I have to prioritise work or blurgh a house clean over playing computer games and ordering a pizza (I know which of the two I would much rather be doing!)

Organising Drs appointments and finding a dentists make me feel like an adult and again are jobs I would rather not have to do.

But it’s not all bad jobs that make you feel like an adult.

In the supermarket I was behind a family with two young children. They stopped and looked at some oreo doughnuts with amazement and awe and begged their dad to get them for them. The child in me knew I could have some fun with this, and the adult in me thought well if I want doughnuts I don’t actually have to ask permission. And so I bought those oreo doughnuts. In front of the dad. Causing the children to argue even LOUDER that they wanted the doughnuts.

Yes it was mean of me, and yes I did get such a look from the dad as they lined up after me to pay for their shopping. But you know what? I got home and I enjoyed that doughnut. Those two kids really did miss out. So being an adult isn’t all bad.


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