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Strange creatures live in the Sea

1 Mar

After completing my Dragon Headed Caterpillar (The pattern for him can be found here- I moved onto the ocean. I am limited in my wool colours for the moment so am finding ones which fit what I have.

I thought I wouldn’t find much for bright pink in the sea but how wrong I was!

Enter the Axolotl – Mexican walking fish. Cute and bright pink I cant find anything not to like about this little guy. And so began the pattern drafting, working out which shapes were needed and working through the pattern and remembering to write it all down before I got ahead of myself. This doesn’t always happen when I am excited to create a new pattern!

He’s another small one measuring about 12cm head to tail. Keep your eyes open for the pattern available soon! I may even work him up a little Mexican sombrero to go with his name 🙂